Muskoka Long Course – Race Report

15 06 2009

After 2 km swim, 55 km bike and 15 km run… I feel fine! Not the best result ever, but I did get it done and best of all, I wasn’t really tired at the end.

The weather was perfect. The water amazingly enough, wasn’t too cold. Here is how it went, I’ll describe each sport followed my by time, place in the age group (out of  78) and overall place (out of 672):

  • Swim 34:39, 23 and 124: By far my best sport. I was planning to draft of Carlos, but that didn’t last more than 30 seconds. It was pretty crowded, and the water was so dark that I couldn’t see his feet even though I was touching them. In any case, I followed my own pace and had people beside me all the time. The best part was that it was pretty effortless. As usual, half way through my arms were hurting, but I know that will happen, so I just ignore it and keep swimming. Sure enough, the second half goes easier than the first one. Somehow, Bruno spot me in the water as I was passing him, he shout my name, I look around, didn’t see anyone. “I must be hearing things”, I thought to myself… but later he asked me if I heard him. According to my Polar, 144 bpm Avg.
  • T1 2:02 (minutes): Also as usual I got out of the water a bit dizzy, but it wasn’t too bad. I walked a bit to get my HR slower, it had jumped to 170 as I stand up. It didn’t take much to get it back to normal, but it was pretty jumpy during the T1. I got my bike and helmet and off I go.
  • Bike 1:50, 57 and 356: This was my biggest disappointment. I did manage to average 207 Watts and 88 RPM, which isn’t bad to my standards, but relatively speaking my worst result. That is pretty sad, considering that I got the new wheels, and even a better bike than last year. In fact if you take the 10 minutes that took me to change a flat last year, I was better of than today. HR was pretty consistent with a 154 bpm average. A couple considerations:
    1. I was trying to stay at 190 to 200 Watts, to save myself for the run. I wanted to keep a pace closer to an IM Pace. I felt I had a bit more in the tank. I was very concerned about the run though.
    2. I was not feeling well around the 40th km. I didn’t really know why, but I did know that I had to make a “pit stop” and I felt so much better afterwards! That cost me a whole minute!
  • T2 1:38 (minutes): Not the best either, but it was pretty long walk. I started my footpod, grabbed my hat and off I went. Pretty uneventful. 
  • Run 1:16, 51 and 331: That was the biggest surprise. I was feeling great from the begging to end. I kept my HR under 160 bpm, which allowed me to go anywhere between 11.0 to 12.5 km/h depending on the grade. However, I was feeling pretty good. At the beginning of the run I found my buddy Sean and we chatted for a while, but then I took off (not that much faster). I kept the same pace the first 13 km, then I decided to speed up, even though it was uphill I managed to average 13.4 and 13.5 for the last two km! At a cost of 170 bpm…

Muskoka LC 2009I crossed the finish line in very good shape, despite the last two km! I sprinted with a girl that was trying to pass me in the last few meters and almost lost my glasses. Too funny, obviously it wouldn’t make a difference. Anyhow, I finished, went directly to the car and headed to the hotel to checkout and get my dog (Argus), while Beatriz was still running.

Talking about Beatriz, she was 2nd on her age group (Duathlon)! Way to go!! She got home and slept for a couple hours… it was her longest event ever. Did I mention that there was only another female on her age group? Details, I was surprised she could finish it as she is not training as much as she should. Having said that, she did train the last two weeks, but her bike needs a lot of work. Baby steps.

In any case, I finished in 3:45:58 and with a 154 bpm HR average! That was actually pretty close to what I was expecting. The important thing is that I was feeling good. I feel I’m in good shape, but I’m not sure I’m in Ironman shape… that I’ll see in a couple weeks! 🙂

Tapper here I come!!!!



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17 06 2009

Hey Hans, great performance, 1h16m for 15 Km after swim and bike is showing you are in the right track! The Ironman will be tough and I will be here watching and cheering… Take it easy… Looking forward for the ironman report!


15 06 2009
bryan payne

H, Good luck in France, I’ll be following you guys on the web.

15 06 2009
Hans Winter

I’m going to need a lot of luck! I’ll take it easy, the goal is to finish. Besides, If I have a great time, it will be harder to beat my personal best in the next one!

15 06 2009

And all ironmen were taking it easy in this one, some even skipping the run. I am sure you will do great in Nice!!!

Everybody did a great race, keeping good paces and short transition times! And I think we all enjoyed our stay together!

As for me, the longest thing I’ve ever done! I only needed to finish to get silver! I can’t help if there was only us two in our age group – actually there was a third girl in the list but I guess she didn’t show up. Isn’t it funny, if there was a duathlon in Ironman Canada I almost classified for it! 😉

15 06 2009

Man, aside from the pros and the top 1% age group, nobody is in IM shape! hehehehehhehehehehehhe… We will be fine! Let’s enjoy and have a fun! We will have a LOT of time to do that! hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha!!!



15 06 2009

It was a great race, beautiful course. The good thing for you was feeling good and with a low HR during the race – a good sign for IM France.

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