Muskoka Long Course, here I go

12 06 2009

It is Friday, I just finished packing all my gear for the weekend in Muskoka. I’m looking forward for this race. It will be:

  • 2 km Swim
  • 55 km Bike
  • 15 km run

It will be interesting as this is my last week before staring to tapper for France. I wish I could say that I’m feeling great, but reality is that I’m dead tired. I’ve already workout 10 hours this week and boy I need the taper. Everything is getting so hard… I just hope that it is true what they say “You need to get worse before you get better”.

In any case, just the fact that I finished my large project this week is already a bonus. At least my mind had a break last couple days. On top of all the training, I was also working 10 to 12 hours a day, plus I had to go in to the office two weekends in a row. That is all behind now!

Tomorrow I plan to wake up reasonably early and walk the dog. Then I’ll go for a “quick” one hour run, before going to the swimming-pool and relaxing. I think I even going to have a beer tonight. With all the training/work, I haven’t had a beer in weeks. Time to relax and have fun.

As per my prediction, well, considering that I’m completely beaten up and still a bit soar from my fall, I would guess 3:52:

  • 37 Minutes swim
  • 1:50 Bike
  • 1:22 Run
  • 4 min for transitions

If I have a good day… well, I think I could be as fast as 3:45. Anything below that would be a miracle.

By the way, I used CyclingPeaks Real 3D to create the race course for the Computrainer, and I did it in 1:55 during one of my sessions this week. I didn’t go Race Pace, but I did maintain a fairly good average (174 W)…

Anyhow, the important is to beat my time from last year, which is 4:04, but I had a flat too, so that shouldn’t be too hard to beat.



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