Man Down, Again!

7 06 2009

I’ve been doing triathlons for about 3 years and I never fell. Actually that is not completely true as I did fall the first time I used clip-on shoes… stopped and bang, I was on the asphalt. This week I felt TWICE, once running and then biking!

The running fall, as I explained in the previous post, wasn’t really my fault, but unfortunately I can’t say the same about the my bike fall yesterday. I was riding at about 35 km/h, about 20m behind Brian and about the same distance from Carlos. We were about 4 hours into our projected 6 hours ride when bang! I left the road towards the unpaved shoulder. Needless to say what happen next.

I was pretty lucky though, because I smashed my head into the road and cracked the helmet, but fortunately didn’t feel a thing (on my heat that is). Usually when you fall on your head everything turns black for a few seconds, but that didn’t happen. I knew I hit it hard, and I knew I was fairly fast, so I just stayed moveless for a few seconds to assess the situation. I was trying to feel my body and going through a complete mental check-up.

I slowly started to sit up and the first thing that I noticed was my right shin. It looked like someone stuffed an egg under my skin, I got swollen so quickly that I was sure I broke it. So I stand up, I could still walk, and it wasn’t hurting either. I’ve touched it trying to look for a crack in the bone, but it felt “almost” OK. So I start walking off the road, as Carlos and Brian take my stuff (bike, water bottles, etc).

Once I was out of the road, I noticed that I had bruises all over my left leg, arm and both hands. The back my shirt was completely wrecked. The left shoulder wasn’t very scratched, but pretty red and a bit swollen too. Same as my left hip. Every thing taken into consideration, specially the cracked helmet, I was in pretty good shape.

What did I do afterwards? It took me about 20 minutes to make sure I was really OK, but as I was getting calmer (man I was scared), I realized that I didn’t break anything and that the wounds were all superficial. I got on the bike again and hammered it for a few minutes, just to get some speed and shake off any fear. We went back the car, as we were already doing, re-fueled and went out for another hour. Both Brian and I still had to work that day.

The bike? Interesting enough, it only got one scratch on the handle bars and left pedal. Nothing else! I’ll bring it in this week for a tune-up, but that was actually already planned.

Today I was supposed to do a 3 hour run, but I thought it would be better to chill out, recover and listen to my body. In a strange way this was good. The one thing I didn’t mention is why I felt. I was just tired and completely lost my concentration. Do you know when you’re driving for a long time and you catch yourself, not sleeping, but going out of the road and get super scared and really start paying attention on driving? That is exactly what happen to me, but there is no second chance on the bike. Why was it good in a way? I finally caught up with my sleep. I had good long night of sleep and I’m soar, but rested. Looking forward for my wounds to heal and start training again!

A couple more things to mention:

  1. Two thumbs up for the helmet. It really saved my live. No matter how long you go out for, take your helmet!
  2. My wife was fantastic. When I got home she did a complete physical and after I came back from work, she made us a fantastic dinner. You could not have a better meal in any fancy restaurant. She took care of me when I needed her. What a wife!

Well, that is it for this post. I hope the next one won’t be about any injuries, but a really good solid training or something!



4 responses

10 06 2009
Joe Pizzoferrato

Hans, you are a very lucky Brazlian. Your lucky because, not only you survived the fall, you married a girl who is half italian. *smiles*

9 06 2009

oohhh big nose … looks like paulo riding bikes.. heheh

but it’s good to hear u r all right.. take it easy.. just 2 weeks to go, duuuuude.. heheh

8 06 2009

Welcome to the team, dude!
It’s good to hear that you are all right after such fall. Amazing!
Take care as Caca said. Now only 3 weeks to go..

8 06 2009

Hans, you were going faster than 35 km/h for sure… and Was I scared when I saw you falling and then not moving for about 10 seconds… Thankfully it was all a big scare, nothing more than that.

20 days to go my friend! Let’s take it easy and hit the trainer hard! hehehehehehhehehehe…

Nice to know that you were feeling a lot better yesterday.



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