Man Down

3 06 2009

It has been a while since I did my last Threshold Test, so I decided to do it today. My schedule had a Brick Workout of 1:30 hour bike and 30 min run both at high intensity… and the threshold test not only is high intensity, but also about 1:30 hour long when you include the warm-up.

The result was a bit disappointing, but very aligned with the result from my sprint last week, which was pretty much all out. The average Sunday was 236 Watts (55 min ride), the threshold test 235 Watts, so I guess there isn’t much discussion. That is my threshold, up just 8 watts from what it was in January, which is the disappointing part. Next season I’ll have to change the way I approach the bike.

Anyhow, after the bike I changed my shirt as it was soaking wet, and it was pretty chilly outside (11C). I start running at a pretty descent pace:

  • Duration: 30 min
  • Distance: 6.8 km
  • Pace Average: 13.3 km/h
  • Heart Rate Average: 158 (Awesome considering the speed!)

22 minutes into the run, I see this couple walking in the sidewalk and as I was going pretty fast, I didn’t want to bother them, so I just left the sidewalk on to the grass portion… where to my surprise, I “meet” this wooden stick that was about 2 inches off the ground. Don’t ask me why, but there were three 2×2’s sticking out of the grass, which I saw a bit too late, man down!!!

If the intention was not to scare the couple, I did just the opposite! I’m not sure who looked more surprised. I was a bit embarrassed,  but more concerned if I got hurt. The first thing that came to my mind was “Ironman France, I can’t get injured!” I did quick check and nothing, I looked and felt ok!

I fell just like in the old days. As a kid I practiced Judo for about 1 year. I really hated it, because I’ve been tall and skinny all my life, which is not exactly what you want to be if you are doing Judo. Lets put it this way, I might as well had taken flying lessons, because that’s what I did every time I was there. High Centre of Gravity, low weight, you do the math. But I did learn one thing, how to fall. Instinctively I did exactly what I learned as a kid, roll over your shoulder stop with your hand! It all happen very quickly, but the only thing I got was a scratch on my left shoulder. Oh, yea and a pretty hurt ego!

I stopped for maybe 3 seconds, and just continued my run. The only problem was that I lost my footpod, but fortunately my watch beeped and displayed “Sensor” on the screen. I ran back to the spot and got it back on my shoe. So no harm done. 🙂




One response

5 06 2009

That’s life, some people fall down while biking, some people fall dowm while running :o)
Take care my friend, because IM-Nice is just on the corner and it’s not time for injuries.

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