2009 Milton Sprint – Race Report

31 05 2009

Let me start with this, aside from an Ironman, Sprint is the hardest distance EVER! Let me explain why…

On a Long Course and 1/2 Ironman, you go at a moderate pace the whole time, pacing yourself to get to the end. The Sprint in other hand is all out all time… that 1:50 hours all out!

Anyhow, the race was COLD and WINDY. The cold didn’t bother me as much during the race, but I was freezing before the start. Once you get moving, it is all good. Can’t say the same about the wind though. I almost got blown out of the road, no no kidding. Here is how it went:

  • 750m Swim – 13:00 min: I had a good start, by the first buoy I already caught up with the wave before mine. Well, I have to thank Carlos for that, I did draft off him till the first buoy, but then I lost him in the crowd. Fortunately I found another guy with the same pace, which I followed till the next buoy, after that I was on my own. The head wind made it harder, but it was OK for breathing bilateral. Once we turned around the second buoy the problem was the sun. It was nearly impossible to see the next buoy. The worst was the last leg, where we got a side wind and all the waves hitting you from the side, which happen to be my preferred breathing side. But it was ok, as it wasn’t that long. I was a bit disappointed overall with my time, I just improved 7 seconds over last year.
  • 30km Bike – 55:42: now that was interesting. I started passing a bunch of people, and got pretty quickly to the “that” hill. My heart rate was pretty high thoug, I was averaging 167 bpm before I even started the hill, and then it got up to 170 bpm… but as soon as I finished it quickly came back to low 160’s and it came down to 150’s few minutes later. I was happy with my power average of 247 Watts (236 W if you include the zeros). Although I have a great bike, 404 wheels and aero helmet, I’m still a big target for the wind. Not many people passed me, but what impressed me was a 65 years old guy that passed me and just kept going. I passed him again on the downhill, where I reached 80 km/h on my aero-bars! But he passed me again in the next hill… I never saw him again! Interesting enough I no one on that age group had a better time than me on the bike. Maybe he was doing a duathlon, but still.  I was just 36 seconds better then last year, but the wind was a big factor.Hans Run Milton
  • 7.5km Run – 36:36: This was my biggest surprise, I improved 2 minutes and 36 seconds compared to last year. I couldn’t believe the time, since I thought I was doing pretty badly while I was running. I was really tired at the start, short of breath till I finished the first hill (what a hill!). After that I slowed down for 1 or 2 minutes and picked up the pace again. But it was hard, very hard. It obviously got better at the end, since it was downhill, but I decided not to push too hard, as I was tired and I didn’t want to risk an injure. My left leg was a bit sore, but fortunately good now!

In general, I wasn’t thrilled with my time, but when comparing to last year, I was much better placed in relation to both, my age group and overall (~18% improvement).

As per my buddies:

  • Carlos had a awesome race, he beat me on all three sports! About one minute at each. Great job man, really awesome!
  • Rogerio had a good day too, he was a couple minutes below the time he was planing (under 2 hours).
  • Chris was freaking amazing on the bike, he did 1:10 on his Mountain Bike!! Dude, seriously, get a real bike, you will kick asses!
  • Fernando, well, considering that he wasn’t really training, he did fine. He finished in style! And, he was a great host after the race. Thanks a lot man!
  • Brian, well, no comments… 1:40, you’re a machine!! Unbelievable swim, not that the rest was bad, not at all.


Well, one week “rest” and we are off to Muskoka Chase for the Long Course. That will be fun!



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