The Heat is ON

24 05 2009

Summer is here, and so is the peak phase for the Ironman.

This week was a long one… 18:45 Hours of training! Keep in mind that this actual training. I don’t count, for example, if I’m recovering at an interval in pool, or when I take a bio-break at the bike.

The good thing is that it is Sunday, 8 pm, and I’m done for the week! No more training today or tomorrow and best of all, no pain. My knee is 100%. I did put some ice and took a ibuprofen, just in case, but I’m really not feeling any pain.

This weekend I unveiled my secret weapon for the Ironman. I got a pair of Zipp 404’s with a Powertap hub. I got so used to train with  power on the computrainer that I couldn’t get over the fact that I wouldn’t know my power output in the Ironman.

Cervelo with Zipp 404 and Powertap

Cervelo with Zipp 404 and Powertap

On Saturday Caca and I went for a 5:45 Hour bike ride, where I used it for the first time. Needles to say, I LOVED IT! We went pretty easy, knowing that the following day we would had a long run (2:50!):

  • Duration: 5:45 hours
  • Distance: 145 km
  • Heart Rate: 131 (Note: I got my shirt flapping a couple times, which gave a 200+ reading at times)
  • Power (yes!): 149 W .or. 185 W

OK, let me explain the 149 vs. 185 Watts. The Powertap has two options for averaging power, including when you are not pedaling (i.e. power=0 Watts) or excluding it. On the computrainer, it includes the zeros… but you are always pedaling, as if you don’t you’ll stop. When I compare the effort that I felt, it was absolutely 149 Watts, since I was felling pretty well after the ride, which wouldn’t have happen had I maintained 185 W for the whole workout. I even ran 30 minutes when I got home (Recovery Run, 5.3 km, 30 min, 147 bpm).

Another good surprise was Beatriz! She rode 3:30 hours, her longest bike ride ever, 65 km. Other then a fall during a hill when the chain came off, she did pretty well. The bike is definitely her weakest link and I’m glad she is getting out there and getting some milage. Talking about surprises, she was waiting for Caca and I with tray of Coxinhas and Pasteis – some Brazilian pastries she bought at a Brazilian bakery in Mississauga.

As for Sunday, I swam 3.4 km in a long pool (50 m). The coach is being very considering to the triathletes and giving some great long distance workouts, which included 1500m and 1000m non-stop sets! Actually it felt just like a triathlon at our lane as we struggled with who would be leading the set… I have to say, we didn’t do a good job in the first set, but after getting s#!t from the coach, we went alright in the next long set. Although the coach wasn’t happy, we were all laughing and having fun, just like [old] kids!

In the afternoon I went for my long run, 2:50 hours. Let me tell you, I was TIRED. The first few kms on the heat and I knew the workout wouldn’t be easy. I decided to take it easy and listen to my body (i.e. HR). Instead of caring my water with me, which I definitely don’t like, I made my home as the water station and ran a 5.5 km loop around the neighborhood. I left water, gel, infiniti and coke at hand and every time I completed a loop, I would stop, drink something and eat a gel, really simulating what I will be doing at the race:

  • Duration: 2:50 hours
  • Distance: 30 km
  • HR: 147 bpm
  • Pace: 5:24/km
  • Temperature: 24C

Yes, not a great run. But, the good thing is that I kept my heart rate below 150 bpm all the time, from the beginning to the end. The pace did not change at all, although the first lap I averaged 11.3 km/h, that didn’t include the stop, which I had for all other laps. I didn’t stop the watch, as I wanted to have an idea what time to expect from at IM… although, I don’t think I will be the same after the 180 km bike.

Long Run

What really killed me in this run was the heat. Although it wasn’t that hot, I really slow down in warmer temperatures. When I look back at Around the Bay, I did that in 1:41, but at 167 bpm. Oh well, at least I was more efficient.

What is up for next week? First race!!! The season is really starting now and I’m looking forward to it. We even got the team shirts:

Sandbaggers - 1st Picture

Sandbaggers - 1st Picture



3 responses

30 05 2009
Leandro Barroso

Nice set of wheels, you gonna be flying into in your race this way.
Question…What was your decision process like to get a pair of 404? say in comparison to the a pair of 606, 808, 1080, or combo 608 FW+808 RW, etc…

What about HED 3 spokes? Did you consider using it?

Best of luck to you and all Sandbaggers team member competing tomorrow at Milton Sprint.

Live Strong

30 05 2009
Hans Winter

Hi Leandro, I found a good deal at eBay, plus what I really was going after was the Powertap. The back wheel has a powertap hub! 😉
If money wasn’t an issue, I would have gone with 808 on the back… but $$$.

24 05 2009

I am glad I was able to take off the oil from the chain from the team shirt. We all look so nice, it seems like we know what we are doing! 😉 Looking forward to ride together again!

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