Nationals Swim Meet!

18 05 2009

Last week I moved my workouts around to get a bit of a break before the 2009 Canadian Masters Swimming Championship.

This was my first meet since I was a little boy, probably about 10 years old, when I did two events… 50 Back and and 50 Freestyle.  Since then I pretty much didn’t swim. I did a lot of other sports including Karate, Judo, Windsurfing and in more recent days, triathlons.

I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t really planning to go. I’m not a great swimmer (not a bad one either) and I didn’t have a great memory from my childhood meet either, although I was second on backstroke! However, the coach asked me to participate on the relays and that is what I did. I even through a 100m Freestyle as a Bonus.

In order to “tapper” for the event, I moved a couple workouts around. I did my 4 hours Brick workout (3 hours bike 1 hour run) on Wednesday evening, and I changed my Wednesday Tempo Run (44 min), to a Saturday foundation run (45 min). So, I did tapper, at least one day!

I turns out that it was quite all-right. I did the 100m in 1:06.27, which I didn’t think I could do… and I won my heat (great feeling by the way)! I even got a 6th place ribbon in one of the Relays. Not bad considering that I wasn’t really planning for the event.

But the real surprise was Beatriz! She came on 7th on 100m Breaststroke and 8th on 50m Breaststroke! Two ribbons!




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22 05 2009

People who see the picture may think this girl must be driven by prizes! And the truth is that we don’t remember where we keep the medals from the races we go to! 🙂

The Nationals was special because it was truly a team event. A friend from the pool convinced me to go for the Gators, she said it was not about winning but getting the team points. I was honestly afraid I would be ashamed of my times. Nobody else seemed to mind it though, so I dove in, my first swim race, and had a lot of fun! I got out of the pool feeling like I was kid! Swimming does that to me, it’s like I am 7, or 8 years old, and I am just playing… I feel so happy! I wish I was faster, of course, but that’s training. BTW, the girl who got the first place in those distances broke the Canadian records; she would have won in any age group. Congratulations!

But what really got me is to see all that people swimming – when that guy who is 100years old (literally) dived to swim 100m meters free, you can’t not be touched! I bet he thinks he is just another kid  I wish I will be able to age like that!


20 05 2009

Well done! Look at Bia with her ribbon!

1:06, wow!

How did Caca do?


22 05 2009
Hans Winter

Caca did 1:03 or 1:02 I think. He was 15th out of 30 on our age group.

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