Mississauga Half-Marathon

10 05 2009

I know, I said I was going to do the full Marathon, but after talking to a couple friends their coaches said it would have been too close to the Ironman. Well… with that in mind, I’ve changed my plan.

Anyhow, I’m really getting very worried about the Ironman. I would have thought that at this point I would be in better shape and I’m clearly not. Yesterday I did a 5 hours and 30 Minutes ride on my computrainer (IM Canada course, 131 bpm, 148 Watts, 145 km). First of all I was DEAD at the end. Although I made some mistakes that I want to correct for the next long bike:

  1. I had 6 hours of sleep (the night before I did a brick of 1:45 bike and 45 run)
  2. I only had 1 yogurt for breakfast (150 kcal)
  3. I had 9 gels during the 5:30 hours
  4. 4.5 bottles of Infinit and 3 bottles of water

I have to eat a descent breakfast before I start and I also have to eat something salty during the bike. By the time I had the 5th Gel (Powerbar Gel, Double Latte), my stomach was already debating if it should send it back! Fortunately we got into an agreement and it kept it inside. 🙂

The point is that when I finished the bike the only thought on my mind was “How da hell should I run a marathon after this?”

Oh yea, the 1/2 Marathon, that is what I was writing about. Well, I started well, did the first km in 4:55 and pretty much kept that pace all the way. There were a few kms that it was a bit worst, other a bit better, but very consistent. What did change was my heart rate. I started with a 156 bpm and finished with 171 bpm, although the last 300m I was at 188 bpm, sprinting like a madman to make it at 1:44 hours, what I had forgotten was that the half marathon was 21.1 kms… I wasn’t really counting with the extra 100m at the end!

Final time UNDER 1:44! (1:43:53)

Overall Place: 717/4408 (16%)

Age Group Place: 91/276 (33%)

Mississauga Half Marathon

Mississauga Half Marathon

Now my wife and friends did an awesome job too:

  • Beatriz, WOW 2:09! What a HUGE improvement… from 2:24 to 2:09.  That is 15 minutes!!!! Way to go, keep up the good work.
  • Bruno: 1:42, down from 1:48. Well done buddy. Next time I’ll try to run with you. Too bad I didn’t find you at the starting line, but I wouldn’t be able to run at your pace, at least not today.
  • Chris: 1:51, down from 2:04. Seriously, how can you improve this much?
  • Lu: 2:26. You got sick, didn’t train for a couple weeks and still went out there and showed us what it is all about. Well done Lu!

Thanks for the ride and company guys, it was great.

Now the next race is Milton Sprint, which is the first triathlon marking the start of the 2009 season!!!

BTW, some people asked me about the knee and I’m glad to say I had no pain what so ever. A big relief.



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12 05 2009
bryan payne

Great run Hans, especially the day after a long bike. Don’t sweat it, you have lots of time before the IM. You’ll be fine.


11 05 2009

Hey Hans…

Awesome run, I thought the course scenery was fantastic.

This time I was able to run throughout and felt my right knee nice and strong. So, here’s the main reason why my time was this better. I remember I had to stop several times for some stretch in Toronto half marathon, which I ended up losing some time.

Probably I could have done better If I hadn’t had to stop to take a leak….but I had to, my bladder was just killing me.

All in all, I’d say I’m very happy with my time and hopefully will be able to get rid of some minutes next race.

12 05 2009
Hans Winter

I was checking my times at Around The Bay and I was relatively better here:
– Overall: Around the Bay 31% vs. 16% in Mississauga
– Age Group: 48% vs. 33%

I guess I’m geetting better, or the folks that go to Around the Bay are just stonger… or I’m not very good on longer distances. I like to think that I’ve improved. 😉

11 05 2009

Great weather and a very nice run! And I raced with a pace bunny!

I don’t know anyone who had tried it and couldn’t find details on the race site but we spotted one when we did Toronto last year and since then I was thinking about giving it a try. When Lu and I were just starting this one we saw both 2:10 and 2:20 bunnies. The 2:20 actually started ahead 🙂 too many people running/walking in the start line. I thought about following that 2:10 to see what that would be like.

If there were bunnies running all the way I don’t know. That one was 10 run 1 walk. It was something (but not exactly) like 5 min run then 30 sec walk. I guess most people feel it is too easy in the beginning. People around that bunny actually complained when he said it was time to walk. I felt it was a luxury! You’re rested and you can walk! But make no mistake, the first and last km are done in the exactly same pace. That bunny worked like a Swiss watch! If your rhythm is to start running giving everything, go downhill like mad, and decrease the pace going uphill or when you get tired, seeing a pace bunny might work as a reference, checking your race time, but running beside one is probably not for you. We actually walked one of the downhill parts, just because it was time to walk. And ran uphill at the same pace we did in the flat parts. Also, if you are thirsty, it’s your problem. Bunnies do drink water, they carry one of those belts and have a zip while it is the walk part, not when there is a water station. And bunnies don’t pee during the race.

So I ran with that bunny all the way, except the last 2 km. He said it was time to walk when we were only 2 km from the finish line!! I was feeling pretty good so decided to keep running, finishing 1 minute before them.

I did enjoy the experience. I don’t know what is the rationale behind the ‘running/walking’ pace. Maybe it is for people who cannot run all the way, maybe there is a technique behind it, I am not sure. I sure missed Lu running with me! During Toronto half-marathon we talked all the way, saw the windows of the stores along Yonge St, and had to stop at Tim Hortons! This time was not as fun..

But we are already planning the next one! Have you heard of the one in Niagara?!


11 05 2009

Bia, not sure I understand your comment – you said you followed the 1:20 bunny?

I had plans to follow the 1:45 bunny, but couldn’t find it. Glad I didn’t follow, though – there won’t be a bunny during the 1/2 ironman…


11 05 2009

I should correct the typo: 1:10 and 1:20 to 2:10 and 2:20! I wish!! Hans, can you edit that?
At the start line we saw both 2:10 and 2:20 bunnies. There are so many people together, I didn’t see any of the others. Only after the race, at the finish area, I saw the 1:50 and the 2:30 bunnies, so I know there were bunnies with these times.
I am not sure I would run with a bunny in every race, but it was a good experience. The best measure of your abilities/effort is to do it at your own rythm. But that bunny sure delivered what he promissed! Although I left that group in the last 2km I am confident they ran without slowing down or speeding up in the end to finish in the planned time!

11 05 2009

Hans, I agree with Marcos – it’s more in your mind – don’t focus too much on doing such and such time, instead listen to your body. To be honest with you, when you told me yesterday about the Powerometer for your bike, I was concerned – you will be focusing on generating Power instead of listening to your body. Or at least do both.

1/2 marathon: finally a race that I could control the way I wanted. Did the first 15K controlling myself to maintain a 5min per Km pace. On 15K, as I felt good, started going faster to a 4:45min/km. On the 18th Km, I knew I was in a good shape – started running at 13.3Km/h, or arond 4:30min/km. It’s a great feeling to control what you’re doing. My legs are sore today, though. But a good feeling.

11 05 2009

Wow man, 4:30min/Km, you are flying! Well, at least that is how we say in Brazil… There is nothing like feeling strong and fast at the end of a half marathon! Great job!

10 05 2009

Congrats to all!!! Great times and most with their PBs!!! That’s how we do it! hehehehehhehehehehehee…

Watch-out for Bruno this year at the tris… he is actually training this time!



10 05 2009

Hey Hans!

Great, congratulations to all of you that finished this half marathon! It looks like your knees are ok after the half marathon, that is good news! Yeah, the training is hard and it has to be. The ironman will be hard too, very hard but I can see you are up to this challenge! Iron man is more than legs and arms and muscles, it is also about the mind and you have to dominate the emotion, to have some strategic plans and avoid mistakes. So keep it up and these times now, although hard, will be great to be remembered! In a marathon we say that the worst part is before the race, is training for it. And I know it is true… I an Ironman, well, this I don’t know, you are gonna tell me…

About the half marathon… I was not there. What a shame, huh? Yes, I decided not to go, I don’t know what is happening with me, I cannot help not to give importance to races anymore. So what I did, I decided to run from home all the way to the place where we had to pick the kit up. It was longer than the half marathon itself, and it was enough for me and it rained and I was soaked and happy. I left my chip with the guy that was testing it, I had already decided not to go… crazy huh… I was hopping to meet you there, but…

Again, congrats to you and Beatriz (great improvement!) and the others, nice to hear you all did well!


10 05 2009
Hans Winter

Oh man, that is crazy! Too bad you didn’t go. The weather was great, well a bit cold at the end.

We were talking about you on the way there. We should have had planned it better. Oh well, next time.


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