Back on track!

7 05 2009

I didn’t train on Saturday and Sunday, other then 3.8 km swim with a pull buoy. I  took ibuprofen every 4 hours, iced 10 min every 2 hours and rested. Trust me, I was SO frustrated, you have no idea. On top of that I have huge project at work that is killing me.

Anyhow, My knee was feeling much better on Monday (My resting day, as if I did a lot over the weekend!) and Tuesday I did a EASY bike in the computrainer (1 hour, 125 Watts) and swam in the evening. No problems at all…  then yesterday I did a easy run (50 min, 9.8km), no pain… this morning I did another bike ride (1:30 hours, 161 Watts), no pain!!!!! 🙂

Although I’m still icing my knee a couple times, just in case, I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ll resume my regular training tomorrow, but if I feel anything, I’ll cut down the intensity again.

I think I’m back on track. Ready for the Mississauga Half Marathon on Sunday!



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