First injury in two years

2 05 2009

OK, maybe not the first injury, but my first leg injury! I did have a soar shoulder last year. About two years ago I hurt my hamstring, which took quite a while to heal. Now it is my left knee is hurting. It isn’t a big pain, but I can feel it, it is there.

What is interesting is that it started in the middle of my recovery week. Although I have to confess, I did feel a few stitches last Saturday during my long bike ride. Anyhow, yesterday I did a moderate bike ride in the morning (1:30 hours, 167 watts, 128 bpm) anda easy run in the evening  (below).

Easy Run and Injury :(

Easy Run and Injury 😦

What is really bizarre is that it was a great run. I was running comfortably at 150 bpm (which is my Zone 2 -Extensive Endurance) at 12 km/h and I wasn’t tired at all. In fact I was holding back not to exceed 150 bpm, and yet my pace was 5 min/km. That is pretty good for my standards.

I felt no pain during the run, but after the shower I felt some soreness on my left knee. I put some ice “just in case”, but the next day, the pain was still there. Well, I hate doing this, but I’m cutting back this weekend. I’m only swimming and on Tuesday I will re-evaluate the situation. Hopefully I’ll be back to my regular schedule.

I’m so frustrated right now, you have no idea. Well, I’ll walk the dog… that will be my workout today!



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