Perfect Timing!

27 04 2009

This was another great weekend! Once again we got a good bunch riding Saturday, but this time we broke up in two groups:

  1. Fernando C., Tracy, Carlos, Rogerio and I
  2. Fernando P., Beatriz, Liliana and Gloria

Rogerio could only make it for one hour and half, but we was keeping up the pace! I should say, he was dictating the pace… Fernando and Tracy went for two and half hours, followed by a 30 min run. Carlos and I went for 5 hours…

The second group split in two as Gloria was on her mountain bike, which makes it really hard to keep up. So Lili stayed behind with her while Fernando and Beatriz kept on a bit faster. They rode for 3 hours, which I’m pretty sure was Beatriz’s longest ride, well done!

The weather was great, sunny, warm (~25 Celsius depending on the time). We rode up and down 6th line and Appleby, which is a bit of a short path for 5 hours, so we did it almost 3 times:

Bike Ride April 25th

Bike Ride April 25th

I was feeling pretty good up to 3:30 hours, then we stop for gatorade, and it was so hard to start again… we were at Tremaine Road and 3th Sideroad. When I looked the time and saw that we still had 1:30 to go, I got a bit worried. I took another gel, and tried to concentrate at the job ahead. I could barely keep up with Carlos. We went up Main Road (West) to Appleby and down to Derry Road… and then north on Bell School Line. That was it. I reached rock bottom. I had no energy left. My only hope was another gel, and Gatorade (I had no more Infiniti)… The interesting was that after that Bell School Line hill, I felt much better. By the time we were climbing the 6th Line towards the car I was in reasonable shape. It was getting easier to keep up with Carlos.

We passed the cars, and kept going north for another loop at 20th side road, with just 15 minutes to go! Now, then I started to look north and I notice that it was pitch dark there! Were did the sun go? I think I was so concerned about finishing the workout that I forgot about the weather… I know that when we got to 25th Line, I really started to hammer the bike. The wind was unbelievable. It literally pushed my bike sideways; I never seen anything like that. I started go faster to get ahead of the storm that was coming our way.

When we got back to the cars, it started to rain, just a couple drops. By the time we put the bikes into the car and drove away it was pouring rain! The wind was even stronger, lighting coming down from every where… and I was comfortably seated on the passanger sit, eating some pastries that Beatriz had gotten while she was waiting for me!

What a wife! 🙂



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28 04 2009

Next time, I think we should do only the hills for 3 hours non-stop. If we do that and still can drive back home I would not be as worried as I am today.

I am joking, but I am serious!

Carlos (Caca’)

28 04 2009
Fernando Pinho

What a great day! it was a really nice ride and I am looking forward to doing that again. It was my the longest ride ever and I felt really exhausted in the end. I was feeling pretty good up to 2 hours, then I finished my gatorade and we got lost…I think I might need a GPS as well hehe
Beatriz, I am in for the coxinhas!

28 04 2009

Yes Hans, unfortunatelly I couldn’t come for more than 1and half hour because of other issues to solve that day. But it was good to ride for that short time. Part of course I did alone and last minutes were so windy (pushing my bike back). Hope that in the races we don’t get that wind. It was a little bit tough to “climb” the hill in the 6th line after more than one hour biking (usually we do it in the begin). My pace was quite good. I could keep more than 27 km/h average, in spite of wind and hills.
By the way, next time I have two more guys to invite to join our group (they are from Masters and one of them is going to the Muskoka 70.3 and Long Course).

27 04 2009

Great day! A bit windy but close to a perfect weather until 4pm!

I missed Liliana and Gloria. I can tell you, Gloria definitely had the toughest workout that day! Then Fernando and I got lost looking for Campbellville. That was the first time I tried the GPS on my blackberry!

And we should include a stop for coxinha after these rides! Yes, I got coxinha, bolinho de bacalhau, guarana… 🙂

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