First day out in 2009

18 04 2009

And what a great day! We met at Kelso Conservation Area:

  • Carlos
  • Rogerio
  • Fernando
  • Brian
  • Bryan
  • Bryan

I’ve been riding the computrainer for 4 months now, and don’t take me wrong, it is great. Having said that, nothing better then riding outside!! The weather was great, the group even better.

We started following the Milton Sprint Triathlon course, but we lost two guys. Bryan was too fast for us, and Fernando fell behind. We went back for Fernando, but we couldn’t find him… sorry about that. I blame Rogerio, so you should do the same! šŸ™‚

Anyhow, the day was FANTASTIC. 22 C, cloudy, a bit windy, but not too much. Brian was kind enough to show us a few new hills, including some at Appleby Line, which is a great place to train for the IM France. A pretty tough hill of about 1 km long, felt like 10 though. I’llĀ definitelyĀ go back there next week if the weather is nice.

It was pretty interesting to see the difference between a road bike and a tri-bike. Brian and Bryan were riding road bikes, while Carlos, Rogerio and myself were on tri-bikes. Uphill was pretty hard to keep up with the road bikes, but as soon as it became flat or downhills the tri-bikes are much faster.

Oh, before I forget, Rogerio almost broke a tradition. He didn’t fall once until the last half hour, when we fell twice! As usual, stopping and getting the wrong foot out of the pedals. Fortunately not even aĀ bruise, he is getting pretty good at that.

So, after riding for about 60 km, Rogerio, Carlos and I did a 55 min run. I think it would have been a perfect training for an X-Terra! We went uphill to Hilton Falls, into some trails and back to Kelso Conservation Area for a total of 11.2 km (give or take the calibration of my polar). To my surprise we averaged 12.4 km/h, but only because Carlos and I were chasing theĀ rabbit… Rogerio! The bastard kept going like he was walking in the park! Well done man. What also surprised me was how Carlos maintained the pace all the way. This is someone that did the 10k downhill just under one hour last year!

Great job guys!

Awesome day. Time to relax and have a beer now! Next time we should include it in our program!




4 responses

20 04 2009

Hi guys

It was such a pleasure to ride with you on Sartuday.
The conditions were perfect and I really enjoyed that I could come along with you all the time (except by that last hill, where I had to give up riding and starting push my bike).
After almost 4 months riding in the trainer, it was very good to face some fresh wind and landscape different from the walls of my room. And it also gave me a good ideia how my bike is (riding in trainer is quite different from roads).
The run with Hans and Caca after bike was also good (altough it was not included on my plans). And you guys are running very well. I was really surprised how much you developed since last year. Let’s keep doing this you push me on bike and I do the same in the run.
About my 2 falls, it was time to do that. After long winter I was missing “how good” is to fall on the ground.

20 04 2009
Fernando Pinho

Hey Guys,

It was great to join you guys even if for a short time hehe We should ride more often, I promised that I try to keep up with Rogerio
I think this just means that I need to train harder, but it is better to know now than on the race day

20 04 2009
Carlos (Caca')

When you wrote Fernando fell behind… did you mean literally? hehehehehehehhehehehehe… Good to know that he was alright. Sorry for that Fernando! Won’t happen again!

It was a pleasure meeting both Brians(y?), and seen Bryan Payne again, even if for just a few minutes before the turned his turbo on and left us all eating dust! hehehehehhehehehehe…

Like Hans mentioned, it was a really nice ride and I am looking forward to doing that again this coming Saturday. It will be 25C!!! 5:00hrs ride!!!

19 04 2009
bryan payne

Hey Hans, sounds like you guys had a good ride. I’m glad you enjoyed the Appleby hill. It’s one of my favorites. Poor Rogerio. BTW, I love the compu trainer graphs you showed.

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