IM France Bike Course

11 04 2009

The more I ride the bike course, more worried I get.

I’ve being training with the Computrainer using the IM France course for a while now and the thing is that my long days are getting longer. Until today my longest bike was 4 hours, now 4 and half.

The positive side is that my power average is increasing and the time to reach the summit is decreasing. The first first time I reached the summit, took me 3:10 hours (71 km). Today just under 3 hours. The problem is that after i reach the summit I don’t have any legs left. Even though there are a lot of downhills, there are also some uphills, specially at the 105 km mark. Let me tell you, climbing a 8% grade hill after riding for 4 hours+ is not easy.

Here is the break down of my last ride (red-heart rate, green-power, brown-profile):

  • 0 – 50 km: 180 Watts and  135 bpm average


  • 50-71 km: 212 Watts and  145 bpm average


  • 71-110 km: 142 Watts and  133 bpm average


Overall averages were:

  • Duration: 4:30 Hours
  • Distance: 110 km
  • Power: 176 Watts
  • Heart Rate: 137 bpm

I have to say that I wasn’t dead tired after the bike, but my legs were dead. No energy left. I had lunch about 16:00 and went for a recovery run at 18:00. It wasn’t super hard, but I ran at an average of 11 km/h and 154 bpm. I can’t imagine how the marathon will be like after doing the whole 180 km. I know that after the 71 km mark, the majority of the course will be downhill, but in a way it is bad because my legs will cool down, and every little hill will be really painful… I do believe that the actual course will be easier then the one I have on the Computrainer, as it was build from a GPX file, which is known for having some elevation variations.

Well, June 28th I will find out. I’m loosing my hopes to finish under 12 hours though. I was counting with 6:30 on the bike, and I’m starting to think that is too optimistic. Anyhow, “there is no can’t in Ironman”, right?




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22 02 2011

I’m doing this years Ironman France and doing most of my training on my CompuTrainr was wondering if you could give me a copy of your IM France course.

Yours in sport,

18 06 2009
IM France Bike Course – Hard Spots « Hans Winter’s Weblog

[…] I also have other graphs in other post blog: IM France Bike Course […]

13 04 2009

Wow, nice training. You are training hard to the race. I believe that you will be at your peak in may, I am right ?

13 04 2009
Hans Winter

I actually think I’m training a bit to hard, as I was dying on my Sunday run. Two more weeks of build phase then I start the Peak Phase, which will be six weeks.

Are you doing the IM France too?

12 04 2009

Agree with Marcos – everything will be different on race day, and you’ll at your peak.

The marathon will be a huge challenge, no doubt.

Do you think you are getting overtrained now? Based on this post and what you told me?

12 04 2009
Hans Winter

Bruno, this week was tough (16 hours). I think I went to hard on the bike on Saturday and too hard on the brick Friday. I definitely paid for that on Sunday.
I swam 3 km Sunday, but I was lagging behind my lane. I’m usually switching the lead depending on the style, but I could barely keep up with the guys… then I ran 2:20 and it was bloody hard. I had no energy to begin with. I ran about 25 km (my footpod battery died at 22 km), but I was averaging 11 km/h at a very low heart rate (144 bpm), but there was nothing I could do to speed up. I was just about to quit.
Anyhow, the simple answer is yes, I overtrained this weekend. I’m feeling a bit behind my right knee too, but fortunately tomorrow is my resting day, and I wont do a thing.

12 04 2009

Dude, the Brick Friday was great… Viva the outdoors! The long ride Saturday was tough, REALLY windy. But still beats the crap of staying indoors. I did 115kms in 4:30hs, almost the same thing that you did, but I did not go through the same inclinations that you did.

My biggest surprise today was my long run. I started really easy and maintained it all the way to 1:45hr, then I decided to HTFU a bit and got up to 12.5 km/h avg for about 15 minutes… then my legs just gave up. I had to slow-down to 11.5 km/h again and then I started to feel great again… finished really strong at 13 km/h for the last 2 kms.

About the 12 hours mark. How did you break it down? I am planning/hopping to finish my bike around 6:20. but my run will be more than 4:00 for sure (more like 4:30).



13 04 2009
Hans Winter

Caca, way to go! That must have been your best long ride ever. Awesome! I can’t say the same about mine… 😉

12 04 2009

Yeah, right! And dont lose your hopes because in the actual Ironman you will be even better than now and with lots of adrenaline! It will be great! But this ascend is crazy huh, makes me remember the images I saw on TV of the Tour de France… And keep training your legs, you will need them more than anything…


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