Personal Best Brick!

10 04 2009

Last week was my recovery week, and even at the end of the week I was still feeling pretty tired. I don’t know if it was suppose to be like that, but I feel much better during the hard weeks…

Anyhow, today I did a brick (1:30 Bike, 30 min run) and I was feeling great!

  • 185W (137 bpm) on the bike and
  • 13.1 km/h (163 bpm) on the run

I even checked on gmap  pedometre to make sure my Polar wasn’t just trying to please me! May not sound much, but running is definitely my week point. 6.6 km in 30 minutes isn’t really bad on my standards. Although I wouldn’t be able to sustain that speed for much longer… Baby steps, one run after another, and who knows what my limits are? I guess that’s what I will find out in France!

What is really nice about triathlons is that it is about your personal best! For age groupers, it is not as much about your place, but your time regarding your last race. Well, since this is my first Ironman, it comes with a guaranteed personal best… if I finish it.

I’ve been pretty consistent with my training so far, as I have to be. This is my first Ironman and I’m only doing triathlons for 2 and half years. There is a lot that I need to build up…  I’m averaging 11 hours a week since the 5th of January, even considering that I was sick twice (Stomach Flu and a brief cold). Well, I also went skiing for a couple days. 😉

Training Log - April 4th 2009

Training Log - April 10th 2009

This week I’m at 7 Hours and 38 Min and counting… Over the weekend I still have my long bike and long run. We are only 12 weeks away from the race!!! 🙂



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12 04 2009

I’m not a coach, but I wonder what’s the most benefitial approach – running has the risk of injuries (I personally find it unlikely you won’t recover in 2 mths), but you will get to feel what a marathon is like, and know what to expect in Nice… Tough call…

11 04 2009

Hey Hans, my guess is that you were tired last week because of the Around the Bay! Yes, because I was tired too, for more than one week after the race…It is true that I did not train as I should, but anyway…

Now, about the Mississauga Marathon, I was talking to some coaches friends of mine… I think you should not run a marathon less than two months before the Ironman. Unless you run it really slowly, there will not be enough time to recover completely before the ironman, it will affect your training schedule and there is the risk of some contusion, lesion or something. The marathon is nothing compared to the Ironman, so I think you should forget the marathon and focus on the Ironman. Of course, it is your call, and hopefully whatever you decide will be the best for you… I am also thinking about myself, like, I have already run several marathons and I know I am not in good shape for this one. The challenge is not to finish it, that is easy, I don’t want to run only to cross the finish line anymore, I want to finish well…. So what if we run the Toronto Marathon or the Hamilton Marathon by the end of the year? OK, let me know, if you are still up for Mississauga then maybe I will do it too, otherwise I will think more about it….

Yes… fast 6.6 K, very good!


11 04 2009
Hans Winter

I was talking to Brian (he is also doing IM France), his coach said the same thing. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t change it to a half marathon. I’m not sure that is possible though. I’ll send them an email.
Thanks for the tip!

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