Around the Bay – Race Result

29 03 2009
Wet Run

Wet Run

Today Beatriz, Marcos and I did around the Bay, 30 km swim… I mean, wet run! The weather wasn’t at our side, as it was raining most of the way, specially at the start. Having said that, it wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t heavy rain either, which is good.

Here are the times:

  • Marcos: 2 Hours 31 Minutes
  • Hans: 2 Hours 41 Minutes
    • Overall: 1571/4931 (32%)
    • Age Group: 181/373 (48%)
  • Beatriz: 3 Hours 39 Minutes

I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed with my result. I was expecting to do a bit better and not going through so much pain. After the 25 km, my quads were really hurting. I guess the 3 hours bike ride on Friday (72 km uphill @ 182 Watts) didn’t help either, but still. In the positive side, my hydration was good, so was my energy.

Also interesting is that my heart rate started unusually  high at 160 bpm, not sure it was because I didn’t sleep well, or what. At least it didn’t go much higher, although I just ignored it after a while, as I was actually feeling OK.

I had a late start, I crossed the start about 4 minutes after the race started… all Marcos fault, as we were waiting for him to get out of the washroom and he never did. We found out after the race that he had left and didn’t see us! No harm done, it only counts when you cross the starting line anyway!

Anyhow, with that late start I passed by the 2:45 rabbit around the 20 km mark, and let me tell you, I was starting to feel some pain there. Anyhow, I asked her what time she got, and I realized that if I finished with her,  I was still 4 minutes ahead of my worst expectation. Now the trick was that she would walk every once in a while, and I would pass her… but then again, she would catch-up. That was driving me nuts! I was trying really hard to leave her behind, but my legs weren’t really helping. Anyhow, we crossed the finish line together, well, only because she realy slowed down the last 30m to make her time. Good job!

As for me, well, once again I was reminded that I’m not a runner. 😦

There is always next year! By the way, here is my race HR data. I did adjust the speed to match 30 km distance. I had to reduce the recorded speed by 5.5% as my watch thought that I ran almost 32 km! That might also explain why I was expecting to do 2:30, as my “recorded average” was 11.9 km/h (before adjustment). Anyhow, I will re-calibrate it for next time.

Oh, and if I didn’t mention before, this was my longest run ever…

Around the Bay 2009 - Heart Rate data

Around the Bay 2009 - Heart Rate data



6 responses

30 03 2009

Thanks!! I am really flattered!

Since this blog might be seen by a lot of people, I have to say I don’t recommend anyone to do a 30km run with only 9km training! Also, I will not be doing the Muskoka Half-Ironman without the proper training!

I do enjoy a training routine but have not been able to do it as much as I would like in the last weeks. I miss the pool very much and the time I spend running. Despite still feeling a little bit like a mouse in a cage when biking in a trainer, I started to enjoy it more with the Muskoka program for the computrainer. Lately I even thought my calf was growing a bit..

Like that t-shirt we saw for sale, “in my dreams I am a Kenyan”

30 03 2009

Hans, Bia, Marcos, congratulations! Really, this is not an easy race, I’ve heard from some marathoners that the first Around the Bay is not an easy experience.

Hans, your time was very good, I wouldn’t be disappointed. This is 30Km, man! Remember in your longest run, 25K, you were dead tired at the end.

Bia, no words for you – you should be the proudest person of all. Hans has a scheduled training workout, and has been running for such as long time. You haven’t, and you haven’t been training specifically for this race. Finishing under these conditions shows a huge strenght and mindset. Well done, really. I think Muskoka 1/2 iron will be no problem for you whatsoever. Of course, it’s a longer race, but I am assuming it’s not as hard and mentally grueling as running the 30K. At least you’ll have 3 different sports, and it’s 9K less.

Well done to all.


29 03 2009

We did it! 30km! 6C under the rain and flattening those hills 🙂 We ran a few blocks to the start line, they had already started (Come on, we did 30.something km today!), kissed Hans, turned my Ipod on, and here we go! In the first 5km it started raining again and we all quickly getting wet. I like running with forro and in my selection was Big smile, let’s get wet!

Around 17km it turned ugly though: raining, everything grey, passing just under the QEW bridge, everybody beside me walking, and really, you fell like walking too.. I switched my Ipod to Paulo’s song: He said it was good for running and it is! Played it 4 times in a row, until I got to the Waterfront Trail, or Indian Road, in Burlington, and the rowling hills..

I did good things, like great hydration and good timing with gels, but the lack of training brought my race time down. You only run what you train for and I had not done more than 9km twice a week in the last few months. 30km was an accomplishment! My expectation was 3h30 and I did in 3h39. No problems keeping up the pace but my knees really hurted. You can either force all in one race or save for the long run, so in the last 7km I made peace with myself and walked the way down and ran up the hills. Next time I would also check the battery in the foot piece of the Polar: it died before the 20km mark.

The race itself is great! Don’t fool yourself, the last 10km are harder not because you are tired. The volunteers were the greatest heros: all wet and there for us! Thank you all!

Next year we’ll be back at the Bay!

31 03 2009

9Km twice a week??? All the congrats must go to you then, you are really brave!!! And already thinking about next year…


29 03 2009

Hey Hans!

I think both you and Beatriz had an excellent race. Congratulations for the first 30K! You did not tell the course was hard with lots of up and down hills after 20K.

I am sorry for causing you to start late… I really did not see you when I left the washroom and I concluded you had gone to the start line because I had told you not to wait for me. Then I literally ran to the start line… Very kind of you and Beatriz to wait…

As for my time, I do not put to much pressure on myself anymore, but I really wanted to finish under 2h30m. I was looking at my chronometer at every Km and holding my pace under 5min/Km to make sure I would accomplish this. Not this year. I am happy though. Not only the race was great (even though it was raining) but I also enjoyed a lot your company.


29 03 2009
Hans Winter

Not to worry man. We had a blast too! Besides running to the starting line was a good warmup! 🙂
We really enjoyed your company too, perhaps one day I’ll catch up with you.
As per the course, holly crap, the end is tough. My speed was pretty consistent till 17.5 km, after that it is literally a roller coster. Up and down… until the last lovely final kms, which are downhill! I actually didn’t find the last hill as hard, or at least as long. I managed to crawl at an astonishing 9.6 km/h speed, “super” fast! But I didn’t walk! 😉

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