Around the Bay, around the corner!

27 03 2009

Sunday I’ll have my first race of 2009: Around the Bay (30 km run)

I didn’t know, but the race is now the oldest road race in North America, older than the Boston Marathon which was born three years after the Around the Bay Road Race. Pretty cool!

This will be the longest run I ever done. Before that, the longest distance I ran was 25 km. So, the plan is to beat my Personal Best, which means finishing! To be honest I’m not too concerned about the race, I really just want to have fun. My main goal is Ironman France, so this will be a good training.

I haven’t’ really tapper for this race either. I already trained for 11 hours this week. The only few changes to the original plan was:

  • Switched my day off to Saturday, instead of Friday;
  • Cut my long bike from 4:15 hours to 3 hours;
  • Eliminated my 35 min recovery run, just because I’m going to a Raptors game tonight…

The long ride was a bit brutal though. Not because it went any harder then usual, but it is hard to wake up early enough to still start working at 9 am! Good thing I’ve worked from home today… so no traveling time required! But, back to the ride, it was pretty good:

  • Total Time: 3:05 hours
  • Average power: 182 Watts
  • Heart Rate Average: 133 bpm
  • Distance: 71.5 km (Ironman France all the way to the top of the mountain!)
  • Calories: 2765 kcal

This was my best climb so far, but I did one change. I started taking a gel each 30 min, instead of 45 minutes or even 1 hour as I did in the past. That worked really well. The last few kilometers were awesome, lots of energy. I averaged 216 Watts for the last 5 km with a 145 bpm Heart Rate Average! Here is the data from Computrainer displayed on the Polar Performance Software:

3 Hour Bike Ride - March 27th

3 Hour Bike Ride - March 27th

Anyhow, back to Around the Bay. My expectation is to finish it in 2:45 hours, but up to 2:30 hours is unlikely, but possible.

I’ll post my results on Sunday after the race…



2 responses

27 03 2009

How can u keep your HR so low on the bike?? Unbelievable!

Good luck Sunday! 2:45h was also my goal.

27 03 2009
Hans Winter

Well, still not as low as I would want it… I’m burning 900 kcal/hour.

Sunday should be fun, but wet! The forecast is for showers. 😦


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