Training Progress – March 15th

15 03 2009

One of the problems of having a blog while training for an Ironman is that there isn’t lot of time to write. I can honestly say that I’m either working or working out. That is why you got to love the sport, otherwise it would be impossible to do it.

Anyhow, I’m a number’s guy. I kept track of all my workouts for the last 3 years or more. The good thing about it is that I can track my improvements. For example, exactly a month ago, I did a long bike ride and a recovery run:

February 14th March 14th Note
Workout Bike CLR6 Bike CLR9 Long ride
Course IM France IM France Computrainer
Duration 3 Hours 15 min 4 Hours
Distance 74.1 km 98.5 km Highest point of the course is at 72 km
HR AVG 139 bpm 134 bps
Calories 3107 3583
Power AVG 173 W 175 W March 14th average at 72 km mark was 180W
Workout Run RRR3 Run RRR4 Recovery run
Course Close to home Close to home
Duration 30 min 35 min
Distance 5.3 km 6.2 km
HR AVG 153 143 10 bpm drop!
Calories 550 582
Speed AVG 10.6 km/h 10.6 km/h

So, in other words, I am getting a bit better. I started my Ironman program in January and so far, it has being an average of 11 hours of training per week, which includes one week where I was sick for 3 days and another that I went snowboarding for 2 days:

Training Log - January to March 15th

Training Log - March 15th

I got to say, the last day was pretty hard. I swam 3.8 km in the morning, and went for a run (2:10 Hours run). I was truly tired after the 18th km. The nice part of the Sunday run, was that I ran with Paulo, another buddy of mine, who is a pretty good runner, at least for my standards! For years, when I ran with Paulo, he is always waiting for me, going ahead and coming back… which is not very motivating I have to say… but yesterday, was no different. 🙂

Having said that, I ran to his home (about 7 km in 37 min) then we ran together for about one hour and half. That was awesome, because he really kept me honest. Specially on hills, it was very hard to keep up, but when you’re chatting you tend to forget about the pain (and sometimes to breath too). Paulo, thanks for the run, we have to do it more often!

In any case, it was a hard but nice workout, when you consider that running is my weakest sport. Here is the graph from Polar (nice HR average):

March 15th Long Run

March 15th Long Run



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17 03 2009

Hey Hans! Wow, your training log is very complete! Cool! It looks like you will do very well in the Around the Bay… You know what, I have been running for more than 10 years and I have never had a training log. Sometimes I start recording my numbers but after 10 days I give up… Well, at least I did not give up running.

Yes, it is always great to have a friend for the long runs. Now the weather is warmer and I am really excited to go back to my long runs. I have to do that asap because there are big challenges ahead…


18 03 2009
Hans Winter

It is easy to keep the log with the Polar. After every workout, I just download the data and voila, it goes directly yo my log!
The only tricky part is when I use the CompuTrainer, then I have to export and import to the Polar software…

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