Ironman Training

8 02 2009

I’ve been training for triathlons for two years now. Before that, I was jogging about 5 km 3 times a week, and an eventual 8 km on the weekend’s was considered my “long run”. I’m now on my forth week into my Ironman plan, which is the recovery week… I went swimming in the morning, about 3 km, then I met with with Carlos and Bruno for a quick run, 1 hour!

Carlos and I were bragging about the fact that it was such a easy day, and we would actually have half Sunday to do something else! Who would think that? I finished the week close to 11 hours of training, which is a short week! Einstein had it right, it is all relative. 

I also left my bike at the shop for installing my new cassette (Shimano Ultegra 12-27). Every Saturday I ride the Ironman France course, and every time I hit the 21 km mark, I promise myself I would buy the new cassette. Seriously,  if I was at the course I would definitely get off the bike and push it… but can’t really do that on the Computrainer! Next Saturday I’ll try with the new cassette, hopefully it will be a little bit easier. This is probably the only change I’ll make to my bike.

I know that a lot of people use road bikes for the IM France, as you will either be climbing a big hill or going down one. One can have more control on a road bike, specially on a technical downhill, and it might be more comfortable when not on aerobar position too… But lets face it, I only have one bike, and I have no plans to buy a road bike, so tri-bike it is! 🙂




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12 02 2009

Hans, uma alternativa mais barata e’ fazer igual a Crissie Wellington fez com sua P2 no Alpe d’huez Tri, coloque Road Bar com clip-on areo bar, ele venceu o feminino foi 2nd overall na prova e quase pega o Brazuca Marcus D’ornellas vencedor.Food for thought! Abcs. L.

9 02 2009

Darn!!! You discovered my secret weapon for IM France!!! That’s the bike of my dreams that I got and have been training on since last Xmas!!!!

Oh, wait a minute… Sorry, that was just a dream… :o(


9 02 2009

Nice – I am available this week – if you want me to go with you to buy it, just let me know – sweet!!!

9 02 2009
Hans Winter
9 02 2009

I think you should discuss with Bia and buy a $5,000, full-carbon, road bike, just for IM France… She’d like that!

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