Guess who is going to be in Muskoka?

13 01 2009

beatriz-saida-p-corridaIt was only a rumor, but it is now official: Beatriz (my wife) has signed-up for the 2009 Muskoka 70.3 Ironman. 

Completing the Half-Marathon last year really wasn’t enough. Lets face it, what is 1.9 km swim and 94 km bike anyways? It’s like warming up for the half-marathon!

I’m so proud, but what she doesn’t know is how much I will bug her to train and train hard! By the way, did you do your workout today?!

Well done Honey! You really have guts!!! It runs in the family, you CAN DO IT!

Now I know why she let me buy the CompuTrainer last year…

Visit the confimation page at:



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8 02 2009

Well, after our Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate, I’m giving some serious consideration to giving it a go – granted I’m looking to start with the Tri-A-Tri because I’m still working on the accident recovery.


14 01 2009
Hans Winter

Just to answer some of the comments:
1. I didn’t lock her out of the house and told that she was only coming in if she signed-up, although that is a great idea. I wish I was told that before!
2. I might be a “tinny bit” annoying when it comes to following the schedule. That might explain why instead of “Hi, I’m home” I usually get a “Hi, I already ran this morning!” or “Hi, I won’t train today, don’t even start”.
3. She already has a NASA bike (Specialized Elite!) – don’t give her any ideas!
4. It must be LOVE! (Lets see if she will still love me AFTER the race…)

14 01 2009

To everyone who sent me emails and posted comments, THANK YOU!! This 70.3 will be really hard (minding the hills) and, as a true ‘mineira’, I look at it so suspiciously…
I am following the training schedule Hans used last year hoping it will work for me too. Although just took that big breath and registered yesterday, the training started last week. So when you get outside for your minus 25C run, you can count I will be doing the same over here 🙂
By the way, we have ‘birthday parties’ every Saturday now until September.

14 01 2009

Congrats Bia!
The sandbaggers team is growing for new challenges this year (some debuts in full ironman and some in half-ironman).

14 01 2009

Way to go, Bia!

13 01 2009

WOW, that is awesome news, congratulations Beatriz!!!

13 01 2009

Hans wrote: “I’m so proud, but what she doesn’t know is how much I will bug her to train and train hard! By the way, did you do your workout today?!”

– Dude, she knows how big of a pain in the hear you are going to be, and yet, she still does it… This is what I call LOVE… :o)

Congrats Bia! Trust me, it’s going to be a long journey… hehehehehehehehe…


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