How to use Computrainer in my day to day routine

12 12 2008

It has been 3 days since I got the Computrainer. I have to say, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the amount of options, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Here is what have in mind for my training… I’ll start the Ironman Triathlon Training Plan Level 4 (from Matt Fitzgerald’s book: Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide) in January.

My plan is to use the following modes depending on the workout:

  • CFR/BRW/CTR: Ride a portion of the Ironman (3D) course for the duration of the workout
  • CSI: Ride a flat course and increase the speed during the intervals at VO2max intensity
  • CLI: Same as CSI, but intervals and recovery duration are different
  • CPI: Ergometer mode, increasing the power (watts) during the intervals (either manually or creating a file that changes the power after a certain time: “.erg file”)
  • CSH/CLH: SpinScan mode, manually increasing the grade during intervals. I have to do this manually as grade is on “.crs” files, which use Distance (not time), Grade and Wind information.


  • CFR – Cycling Foundation Run (steady pace)
  • BRW – Brick Workout
  • CTR – Cycling Tempo Run
  • CSI – Cycling Speed Intervals
  • CLI – Cycling Lactate Intervals
  • CPI – Cycling Power Intervals
  • CSH – Cycling Short Hills
  • CLH – Cycling Long Hills

Note: “.erg” and “.crs” file definitions can be found at the Computrainer Coaching Software :

  • “.erg” file defintion can be found on page 29 and 30
  • “.crs” file defintion can be found on page 27 and 28

By the way, I got a very cool software, CyclingPeaks Real3D, which converts GPX files to 3D courses. However, unlike the GPS Course creator from Racermate, it maintains the turns. (From the documentation: “3D courses created using GPS data do not retain the curve information.”. With CyclingPeaks you have not only the profile, but the actual turns too.

Since this post, I’ve started to use Ergvideo for the interval training. Have a look at ErgVideo 2 – Second Impression!



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19 12 2008
Power Training « Hans Winter’s Weblog

[…] honest, I don’t know the answer yet, but I think what I have published previously on “How to use CompuTrainer in my day to day routine“, does make sense. My intend was to use Ergometer mode and increase the power (watts) during […]

13 12 2008

I think you’re doing the right thing – using it beyond a toy – by incorporating the trainer in your daily training routine – and you’ll probably find other applications and gadgets along the way.

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