I bit the bullet

6 12 2008

I’ve been biking indoors since October. Not much different than last year, although my performance did improve. At this time last year, I was averaging 22.5 km/h compared to 25.0 km/h today (both at 1 hour on my Kinetics Trainer). That is already 11% improvement in one year.

All right, but the real reason for this post is… I bit the bullet and bought a Computrainer! Took me a few months going back and forth, trying to justify the expense. As time goes by and I’m training more and more on the bike, it is getting very difficult to do my workouts. It used to be a pleasure, now, I don’t really look forward to jump on my bike and stare at the TV or just listen to my iPod. Considering that I will have to do most of my biking training for Ironman France indoors, I thought it was a nice xmas present!

Anyhow, my new toy should be home next week. As soon as I get it installed and ride it for a bit, I’ll let you know my impressions. I’ve seen it working before, but never spent any time customizing it or playing with the software. As the geek that I am, I already read all three manuals!

My special thanks to my wife, Beatriz, not only she did not kill me, but she actually thought it was a good idea considering all the hard work I have ahead! 🙂



One response

8 12 2008

Ah….. you couldn’t resist this new toy… Well done, will help you a lot.
Can’t wait to try it myself!!! 🙂


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